What we do

Saville Consulting is a psychometric assessment business. We help organizations to identify and develop talent.
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Where we are

We are partnered with a number of like-minded organizations accross the globe.

Personality Questionnaires

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Saville Consulting Wave - Identifies talents, motives and preferred culture.

Saville Consulting Wave

Identifies talents, motives and preferred culture in one dynamic questionnaire. Results can be tailored to reflect organizational competencies, leadership frameworks and values. The most valid indicator of competency potential and cultural fit.

Aptitude Assessments

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Aptitude tests clearly measure a variety of abilities and can be used for a range of roles.

Aptitude Assessments

Clearly measure a variety of abilities depending upon the role requirements. Our portfolio includes: Verbal, Numerical, Diagrammatic, Abstract, Error Checking, Spatial and Mechanical aptitudes. Fast and effective screening of candidates.

Behavioral Strengths

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A superior approach to screening large numbers of candidates.

Saville Consulting Strengths

Fast and effective screening of large volumes of candidates. Effective prediction of performance. Improves caliber of later-stage candidates. Supports hiring managers recruit the best candidates.

Graduate Solutions

Our graduate solutions provide cost-effective and proven results for all your graduate needs.
Saville Consulting Pyschometric Training

Public Psychometric Training

Equipping individuals with the knowledge to apply psychometrics in their recruitment, selection and development.
Saville Consulting Selection Training

In-House Psychometric Training

Enables individuals to apply objective assessment methods.
Saville Consulting Online Training

Online Courses

Our online training courses give you the flexibility to receive training at your own convenience.